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Austin Lane brings Information Technology together in a wide variety of industries and environments. Since 1999, we have been helping businesses excel by delivering exceptional solutions and service to their organizations. We provide industry specific solutions, tailored to business needs, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the IT Services and ALMobile Software divisions of Austin Lane. We partner with companies, focusing on their network infrastructure, so they are able to focus on their business. Our clients rely on Austin Lane to deliver IT Services essential to their success.

IT Services Industries for Architectural

Creating and editing intricate design files requires a network solution with adequate storage space and processing capacity. Our IT Professionals can help you focus on what you do best by managing IT storage and upgrades for software and streamlining maintenance of your network like a well-planned design.

Austin Lane can make an impact on your organization. Our IT professionals understand the requirements for project management software applications like ArchiOffice and the power needed to run AutoCad and DeskCad. Never have to think about IT issues again. Give Austin Lane a call and find out how we can help.

Specialty Areas:

  • Project Management
  • Drawing Software
  • 3D Modeling Applications
  • Accounting Software